Public Open Evening

During the Autumn & Winter months the day light become shorter and nights longer. This allows for us to exploit the delights of the night sky. At Sherwood observatory we are equipped with the essential astronomical gear to bring the universe to you. That, coupled with a series of rolling lectures on an astronomical themed topic you will be in awe of our universe!

Join us to view the night sky through our telescopes (weather permitting).

At Sherwood observatory we a have bespoke Radio Astronomy Centre. Here, you will see and understand how we can monitor space weather (from the Sun) using antenna we have on site including capturing signals from the NOAA 18 Satellite - to produce our own weather maps of the British isles. In addition, we have capability to monitor Meteors as they enter Earths atmosphere. Also, we have equipment to allow observations of Hydrogen gas that exists between the spiral arms of our own Milky-Way galaxy.

We sell astro-themed merchandise, such as society logo caps, woolly hats, beanie hats, hoodies & T-shirts. As well as small items like pens, pencils, alien slime ect.

Hot & cold refreshments with a selection of cakes will be available to purchase on site.

Please note We are operating one time slot for this particular event. Therefore, please arrive on time for entrance. Also, while parking your vehicle please do so responsibly - ensuring tidy parallel parking with minimum space between neighboring cars. Wearing of face coverings is at your own discretion.

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