Public Open Evening

During the autumn & winter months we hold public open evenings at the Sherwood observatory facility. These coincide with the shorter days and longer nights and allow the pubic to experience the wonders of the night sky, weather permitting.

Please arrive on time as per ticketed time slot. Parking is free and is located in our top car park adjacent to Coxmoor road. Please refrain from parking on residential grass verges opposite the observatory. Once parked please follow the designated path via the heras fencing down to the observatory. Once you have had your ticket scanned at the main entrance you will be given a lecture & dome time slot. Please be mindful of the lecture time as your time will be called out 5 mins prior. Entry into the main facility will be in groups of 25 every 30 minutes and will allow for a seated lecture lasting approx 25 minutes, followed by time upstairs in the main dome area.

Our activities include:

  • Viewing the Moon and other astronomical objects through our main telescope and a variety of smaller telescopes owned by the society or our members (weather permitting).
  • Find your way around the night sky with the naked eye and binoculars (feel free to bring your own binoculars along).
  • A rolling series of astronomical themed talks in our lecture room.
  • Opportunities to ask questions about astronomy or about the telescopes.
  • Free factsheets and/or skymaps to take away.
  • Merchandise, including excellent photos of astronomical objects.
  • Refreshments and cakes available from our serving hatch.

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